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Name: Sunking Pro (Worlds Longest lasting solar light with phone charger)

YUSUD's Retail Price: Kshs. 3,500 (USD 41) 1 year warranty.

LED: 1-Watt Power LED, 120Lumen minimum Luminous flux. 9-36hrs of light

Battery: 6.6Volts, 1450mAH Lithium Ferro-Phosphate. 5 years Lifetime

Solar Panel: 8.7Volts, 2.5W, 5meters cord, 20years lifetime

Battery Level Indicator and Charge Level Indicator

5 Phone connectors for charging

Power Control Multi-Cell balancing for extended Battery Life. Protection from over/undercharge.







Product Name: FOCE DT-1588 (TAA YA TAIFA)

3.0W solar panel; Charge using the sun or electricity; 100,000hrs LED Lamp life; 360 degrees Distribution of White Ambient Light: Protection from over/undercharge; 9-36hours of Continuous stable Light.

YUSUD's Retail Price: Kshs. 4,500 (USD 53) Buy this product today

Product name: D-LIGHT S-10


Two brightness settings of 4 Hours on High and 8 Hours on Medium; Free 2-Year Replacement Warranty; > 5 Year Lifetime; No Battery Replacements Needed; Integrated Solar Panel; Dual Solar / AC Charging; Full Charge from Solar/AC – 8 Hours; Battery Charge Level Indicator; Glow In the Dark On/Off Button; Weather, Dust and Impact Resistant

YUSUD's Retail Price: Kshs. 1,000 (USD 12) 1 year warranty. Buy this product today

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2.5w solar panel; 1 LED lamp runtime 8hrs - 100hrs; Mobile phone charging system; 1year warranty

PRODUCT FEATURES: Bright light and mobile charging; Four brightness settings; High-efficiency, weather-proof solar panel;Rain-resistant housing; Indicator showing battery charge level;Robust circuitry for long-life performance; Deep discharge and overcharge protection to preserve battery life;Connectors for different phones included; No installation required; Easily replaceable, high-performance battery

YUSUD's Retail Price: Kshs. 3,500 (USD 41) 1 year warranty. Buy this product today


1W solar panel; 1 LED lamp runtime 6-8hrs; Mobile phone charging; Radio Connectors; Power Backup; No installation; 1year warranty

YUSUD's Retail Price: Kshs. 3,000 (USD 35) Buy this product today


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