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Capacity Building

YUSUD has designed capacity building that embraces Communal aspirations and therefore focus on integrating all the various stakeholders in capacity building. YUSUD invests in the young people and practices that will, together, enable them and the community to achieve their development objectives.

Investment in young people and communities requires knowledge, time and money. We use Capacity development as a process through which the young people and communities can develop abilities (individually and collectively) to perform functions, solve problems, set targets and achieve objectives.

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YUSUD uses evidence-based Advocacy to promote the understanding of public perceptions and opinions, addressing misinformation, and working with community leaders, media, and decision makers to build political and popular support for resources and policies to address social problems. YUSUD directs its advocacy towards the people with decision-making power and to those who influence decision makers, such as the media.



YUSUD envisions the young people as the catalyst for transformation within communities. This forms the basis of our Community Transformation Strategy (CTS) to the achieve Community Development Goals (CDGs). The experiences and insights of young people are drawn on in intervention development


Information Dissemination

YUSUD carefully matches knowledge and information, its context and its target audiences and the content, media, formats, and language used in getting the outcomes into the hands (and minds) of our target audiences. Our goal is to ensure that information is critically and thoroughly digested by the target audience and that the target audience fits the new information with her/his prior understandings and experience





YUSUD recognizes the importance of implementing evidence-based programming tailored to the specific needs of target populations. Research is an integral part of our programming. YUSUD uses community-based research in narrowing the gap between research and practice by working with real communities on real issues as the Communities work to access resources and develop skills needed to direct and control their own futures



In its interventions, YUSUD partners with public and private institutions that include local and international entities. YUSUD takes advantage of the benefits that partnerships offer including sharing of resources, ideas and expertise to leverage the impact of our interventions.


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