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1. Elewa Katiba, Jenga Nchi : Kenya National Integrated Civic Education Program (KNICE)

KNICE is a project of the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs whose overall objetive is to ensure that citizens throughout the country are knowledgeable and develop appropriate skills and attitudes to enable them engage effectively in the affairs of the nation. YUSUD is one of the Non-State Actors that has partnered with the Ministry under KNICE to conduct Civic Education targetting the General Populations on Kisumu County. By making public participation a national value and principle of governance, Our constitution requires public participation in governance processes..It therefore creates the need for citizens to be aware of their roles and responsibilities to enable themĀ  participate..... Read More or Visit www.knice.go.ke



Going beyond ABC is a program that has designed and developed strategies that address preventive measures and Comprehensive Care through socio-economic empowerment of the Young people, HIV Positive Youths and the community at large. It attempts to explore the role of Environmental Friendly Social Enterprises in the fight against HIV/AIDS and in enhancing positive behaviour management through involvement of the youth and local communities in improving livelihoods. It is a strategy for Reducing Risky Behavior ......Read More



3. Environmental Protection Thro' Communty Enterprise Development (E-PROCEDE):

Developing Social Enterpreneurship thro Strategic partnership with Solataa Ltd, Deutrex818 Ltd, Lighting Africa, Total Kenya, ......


4. Do Not Buy Stolen Property Campaign:

This is a Market Redution approach in Fighting Crime and Promoting good Citizenship. In order to disrupt offending and hence prevent crimes, this campaign focuses on the removal of opportunities through the implementation of changes in the physical environment where crime occurs.


5. Write Your Will Campaign:

This campaigns aims to promote access to justice and reduce human conflicts through civic education on will-writing amongst the communities. This campaign primarily focuses on will writing as a consumable service with a view to ultimately create lasting social change through attitude and behaviour modifications. Dealing with an estate in the absence of a will can be a time-consuming, expensive and stressful process that can cause irreparable damage to relationships leading to psychological and physical injuries, loss of source of income, loss of family property. Such problems have hit hardest on the children, the young people and the women. Dealing with intestacy has proven to be a problematic experience for many people at a time when they are feeling most vulnerable...... Read More


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