Our Role in Society

As an agent of change in the social sector, YUSUD Seeks to be reformer and revolutionary agent but with a social mission aimed at making fundamental changes in the way things are done in the social sector by attacking the underlying causes of problems, rather than simply treating symptoms...

YUSUD strives to reduce needs rather than just meeting them and seek to create systemic changes and sustainable improvements.

Though our actions maybe local, we intend to have the potential to stimulate global improvements in all our social sector fields...

Our Mission

To empower young people and Local communities to become key participants in the management and sustainable utilization of locally available resources for sustainable livelihoods through Capacity Building, Advocacy, Information Dissemination, Research and Networking

Our Vision
  A proactive participation of the young people and Local communities in societal development  
Our Overall Objective

The main purpose of the CBO is to promote and encourage socioeconomic development especially amongst the young population and Local communities.



Our Specific Objectives

Within the framework of the stated overall objective, YUSUD will operate under the following principal objects:

  1. To ensure opportunities are made available to the Young People and the Local Communities and to be involved in Identifying, designing, implementing and evaluating social enterprise development programs

  2. To initiate community level projects that shall benefit the Young people  and the Local Communities at large

  3. To assist the young people to acquire leadership, entrepreneurial and managerial skills through capacity building trainings, workshops, mentoring and coaching.

  4. To promote desired social and moral values, norms and practices amongst the young people

Our Values and Principles

YUSUD believes in the following principles and values:

  • Respect: YUSUD strive to protect the dignity, potential worth and right of every human being
  • Integrity and Honesty: YUSUD integrates good Leadership at all levels. We uphold honesty, trustworthiness and transparency in all our undertakings
  • Professionalism: YUSUD strive to attain the highest standards in all that we do
  • Fairness: YUSUD strives to fairly handle its respective stakeholders regardless of their Social, Cultural, Economic and Political backgrounds
  • Team Spirit: YUSUD believes in participatory teamwork so that our stakeholders take ownership of the processes, operations and outcomes

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